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About Us

Cheatham County, Tennessee

Cheatham County is located conveniently on Interstate 24 just 20 minutes from Clarksville and 20 minutes from Nashville, and it also is located only 20 minutes from Nashville on Interstate 40. Cheatham County's picturesque towns offer rural living within a short driving distance to all the amenities of downtown Nashville. With access from three interstate exits on Interstate 24 and one on Interstate 40, navigable waterways and railroad access, the county offers a prime location for businesses interested in either the Nashville or Clarksville Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Tax Incentives, Ready Workforce

Cheatham County is an ideal place to relocate your business or start from scratch. The county offers tax incentives for investment in real property and equipment locally, a Jobs Tax Credit Program, assistance accessing other state incentives and a quality workforce in a "Right-to-Work" state.

Unparalleled Convenience

Besides its convenience to Interstate 24, Cheatham County offers navigable waterways, short-line rail connected to Class I rail and convenient access to both a general aviation and commercial airport. Travel to and from Cheatham County is not only convenient, but has the capacity to facilitate all your logistical needs. In addition, Cheatham County is only 35 minutes from the Nashville International Airport.